Jaialdi 2015, Radio Interview to Discuss Eusko Currency, and Song of the Month

Jaialdi 2015 International Application Available


JaialdiEven though Jaialdi 2015 is a little more than 2 years away, July 28-August 2, 2015, organizers have already started preparations for this huge event that takes place in Basque America once every five years.  One of the first orders of business is to choose groups: choral, dance, music, to perform at the event.  Jaialdi has set up a special page on its website: for international groups who are interested in participating to apply.  The necessary forms can be found here in four languages.  Chosen applicants will be notified by November of this year to allow ample time to get organized as well as find funding if necessary.  Groups will be responsible for their own travel, while Jaialdi will take care of room and board while in Boise.


The Eusko - New Basque Currency will be topic on 8 Herrialdeak ZUZENEAN


EuskoWe received word that this Sunday’s 8 Herrialdeak ZUZENEAN program will discuss the Basque economy including a new monetary system.  Featured guests this Sunday will include: Pierre Mendiboure (President of Herrikoa), Xabi Camino (Eusko – Basque Currency), Bixente Alaman (Euskal8 store), Jean Michel Larrasquet (President of Eusko Ikaskuntza – North Basque Country & Committee Member of the creation of the Mondragon Community Academic Cooperative (MCAC), whose mission is to unite, synergize and nurture research on the Mondragon experience), EmpreBask Mexico.  For more information on this program, as well as a link to last month’s program featuring Aita Cachenaut click here.

Elkar Song of the Month


We would also like to introduce Elkar’s Song of the Month for April to you: Baratze bat by Pier Paul Berzaitz.  Download "Baratze bat"

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