Grace Mainvil Memorial Scholarship

Grace MainvilWe are proud to introduce the Grace Mainvil Scholarship in memory of our beloved past treasurer who passed away in 2017. This scholarship is open to those who are in their last year of eligibility of Udaleku (ie: will be 16 years of age before the September following Udaleku).

The winner of the scholarship will have their Udaleku tuition reimbursed by the scholarship fund and their entry will be featured on the N.A.B.O. website.

By submitting an entry for the scholarship you are hereby agreeing to allow N.A.B.O. to publish that submission on the N.A.B.O. website, use it in written promotional material, and allow for replication by 3rd party sites with N.A.B.O. approval.

Applicants should answer the following two prompts:


Explain the impact that Udaleku has had on your identity as a Basque teenager. (1000 words or minimum 3 minute video)


What advice would you give to students attending Udaleku for the first time? (250 words, no video option.)

Please email the submissions to

The submission deadline is April 15th. Blind submissions will read by a panel of judges who will use this rubric in their scoring.

The winner will be announced on the first Thursday in May.








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