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Need Music?

Need the music for a dance? NABO has compiled the recorded and sheet music for a good many Basque dances. If there is something specific you are looking for, contact NABO at to see if we can assist your group.

A couple of websites have music for you to hear the dance tunes of Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa:  Bizkaia dance tunes  |  Gipuzkoa dance tunes

On the NABO dance workshop pages you will find several audio files and sheet music in PDF format.

You can also convert the audio from a Youtube video to MP3

NABO Txistu Initiative

TxistuThe purpose of thisinitiative is to provide ongoing instruction & support for txistulariak.  Below you'll find pdf copies of sheet music.

Once we know the number, location and skill level of those interested the next step is to establish a viable program that can both teach beginners and continue to help those who play but don't have the opportunity of living in a city with other players; i.e., we would create an internet banda if you will.  To put in your name as someone interested email

Sheet Music

Txistu Piece

Sheet Music


Edurne Maitea

part 1 | part 2



Fandango 97



part 1 and 2



Alaia (minueto)


Recuerdo a Sandalio Tejada

part 1 | part 2


Orson Welles