Teaching Euskara in Boise

EuskaraAitor IƱarra, NABO Euskera Coordinator, has shared this letter with us from Todor Azurza, one of Basque teachers at the Basque Museum in Boise. He is one of several throughout our communities that provide this valuable opportunity to people hoping to learn Basque, outside of the university realm. Thank you to him, and all of the irakasles who are working so hard to perpetuate Basque in the US. The entire letter is available here.


Guernica Comes to Redbox

We just found out that the movie Guernica (2016) will be available at Redbox on January 24, 2017. The film tells the story of the people of Gernika during the Civil War and the role of the press at the time. It was directed by Koldo Serra and written by Jose Alba. To add this movie to your wish list, or see a trailer click here.



New Year Caroling in Bizkaia

We are sharing a tradition of New Year's caroling from Bizkaia featured on Urte Sasoiak, a collaborative effort of Euskal Herriko Ikastolen Elkartea and Labayru Ikastegia.

On New Year's Day it was traditional for young people to go from farmhouse to farmhouse singing their request for goodies. This kind of collection ritual is known, in general, as puska biltzea and is carried out for Saint Agatha and Saint John's Eve and other feast days as well. The lyrics of the songs reflect each unique occasion. The following from Elantxobe is one of many versions for New Year or Urte Barri in Bizkaia:

Urte Barri Barri

Urte barri
txarri belarri
dekonak emon ez dekonari
Nik ez dekot eta niri.

Si si si
no no no

otzara bete solomo
Hiru intzur ta lau gaztane
horren gainea lau sagar
nik dauket altzoe zabal, zabal

New Year
Pig ear
Those who have, give to those who don't
I don't - give to me

Yes, yes, yes
no, no, no

Fill my basket with pork loin
three walnuts and four chestnuts
four apples on top of that
My apron's spread wide to receive









Memoria Bizia